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Guangzhou No. 86 Middle School was founded in 1956 and was one of the first high school programs in Guangdong Province in southern China.  The school is equipped with laboratories, sports facilities, and its own wildlife museum for hands-on biological studies. The wildlife museum is the highlight of the center with exhibits of many rare and exotic species local to both China and other Asian countries. Students at this center are science and math orientated with a special focus on biology. All classrooms are equipped with smartboards and Wifi for modernized learning experiences. Students enjoy extracurricular activities, such as film club, physics club, and biology club in which they are able to perform dissections on many animal specimens. The school also sponsors Chinese Idol events, as well as Dubbing Film Competitions organized by the international department. Our teachers come from a variety of backgrounds, including both practice in-field work and academia. Guangzhou 86 holds winter and summer camps for all students.


Subjects Offered:

IGCSE Biology
IGCSE Chemistry
IGCSE Business Studies
IGCSE Mathematics A
IGCSE Physics
AS/A2 Core Mathematics
AS/A2 Further Mathematics
AS/A2 Economics
AS/A2 Physics
AS/A2 Chemistry
AS/A2 Biology
AS/A2 Accounting (Opening soon!)

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