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Located in Hefei, the capital of the Anhui Province, Hefei University of Technology was founded in 1945 and has been expanding significantly ever since. The University has three campus, including Tunxi Road Campus, Luan Road Campus, and the scenic Xuancheng Emerald Lake Campus. It is a highly reputable university with an undergraduate employment rate above 96%. Academics focus is on practical application skills and innovative research training. The University is characterized by the following features: a wide coverage of subjects, a combination of diverse disciplines, and an emphasis on engineering. The campus has high-quality laboratories and sports facilities. Students here share the same facilities as other international university students to create a truly diverse learning environment. Students participate in team building activities at the beginning of the school year to prepare them for our program. Music, speech presentations, and community service are important focuses of Hefei students as they establish themselves as future leaders and team players in society. Several faculty hold PhDs in their subject area, as well as over 9 years of A-level teaching experience. Hefei holds winter and summer camps to serve students who need additional study or who want to boast their scores.


Subjects Offered:

IGCSE Chemistry
IGCSE Business Studies
IGCSE Mathematics A
IGCSE Physics
AS/A2 Core Mathematics
AS/A2 Further Mathematics
AS/A2 Economics
AS/A2 Physics
AS/A2 Chemistry
AS/A2 Accounting


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