International Scholars Probe English and American Literature at SISU


Arecord  328 scholars and specialists attended the Fifth International  Conference on English and American literature, “The Presentations of  History and Culture in Literature,” held at Shanghai International  Studies University (SISU) from April 24 to 25.

SISU  president Cao Deming said during the conference’s opening ceremony that  literature should be interpreted and explained the meanings given the  times, as well as introducing the development of SISU’s distinguished  discipline of English language and literature.

In  the first session on the afternoon of April 24, Professor Bruce Robbins  from Columbia University, Professor Kyoo Lee from City University of  New York and Professor Zhang Chong from Fudan University presented a  group of papers on “Interpreting Violence in Literature”, “Chuang-Tzu  and Literary Imagination of Contemporary Pioneering Poets” and  “Reflecting Fractals in Gerald Vizenor’s Blue Ravens”, respectively.

In  the second session, Professor Attila Kiss from University of Szeged in  Hungary and Professor Zhang Dingquan from SISU made presentations  respectively on “Shakespeare’s Tragedy Consciousness and Postmodern  Adaptations” and “History, Democracy and Literary Imagination in Charles  Brockden Brown's Wieland”,

On  that day’s afternoon, foreign and Chinese scholars were divided into 13  and 12 groups respectively. Historical content in literature written by  Pearl S. Buck, Virginia Woolf, Alice Monroe and John Milton were among  the topics discussed by the foreign groups. The Chinese groups discussed  literature in wider dimensions, which have included nationality,  gender, ethnicity, narrative style and literary form.


On  the morning of April 25, Professor Kenneth Surin from Duke University,  Professor Gabriel N. Finder from the University of Virginia, Professor  Yin Piping from Hangzhou Normal University, Professor Jace Weaver from  the University of Georgia, Professor Zeng Yanyu from Hunan University of  Science and Technology, and Professor Steve J. Kulich from SISU  presented on topics including “The Application of the Theory of  Criticism in American Literary Studies” and “History and Culture in  American Literature”, “The Deep Community under the Pen of William  Wordsworth” and “The Crazy World of Massacre Survivors in Isaac Singer’s  Meshugah”.

Attendees also included Dean of SISU’s School of English Studies Professor Zha Mingjian, Director Ren Jing of Academic Department of Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, Professor Qiao Guoqiang of SISU’s Research Center for English and American Literature and Professor Li Weiping of Academic Council of SISU’s English Discipline, who introduced the their departments and recent research on English and American literature, respectively.

As  one of the most significant events in China’s academia of foreign  literature, the biennial conference was co-hosted by SISU’s School of  English Studies and the Institute of Literary Studies, organized by the  Research Center for English and American Literature and the Editorial  Council of British and American Literature Review, and supported by Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press.