Ray Education Group Global Alumni Association 

The Ray Education Group Global Alumni Association (hereinafter referred to as 'Ray Alumni Association') is a global fellowship organization initiated by the Ray Education Group. It is coordinated and organized jointly by the Ray Group office, campus offices, graduates, and students at home and abroad. It is a non-profit civil society organization. The purpose of the Ray Alumni Association is to actively carry out various alumni fellowship activities, information exchange, resource sharing, internships, employment, and related activities in compliance with relevant national policies and regulations. It aims to assist Ray students with their studies, life, and employment overseas, creating a functional, mutually beneficial, and progressively evolving Ray student overseas community, and promoting the sustainable development of the Ray Education Group Global Alumni Association. The mission of the Ray Alumni Association is to gather the beliefs, resources, and experiences of the alumni, leveraging the collective strength and wisdom to help every Ray student overcome obstacles and reach new heights in their academic and professional endeavors.


The scope of activities carried out by the Ray Alumni Association is as follows:

1.Providing information, resources, and assistance related to visas, travel, airport pickups, as well as overseas study, living, part-time work, employment, travel, entertainment, relationships, etc.

2.Offering professional information and assistance in university major changes, transfers, further education, and cross-border applications.

3.Organizing employment guidance salons, sharing domestic and international internship and employment information, providing part-time and full-time job opportunities from Ray and its partners.

4.Providing career development support, including job opportunities, organizing recruitment fairs, entrepreneurship guidance, angel round financing services, and incubating startup companies.

5.Organizing various activities such as charity sales, psychological counseling, community service, holiday celebrations, Spring Festival annual meetings, delivery of love, local fellowship, cross-regional fellowship, and interest salons, to care for Ray students studying abroad alone and build a harmonious and supportive Ray family.

6.Inviting distinguished Ray graduates to participate in Ray summer lectures, academic seminars, elite university interview guidance, standardized test training, etc., with remuneration paid by Ray.

7.Organizing higher education research activities and professional academic exchange activities, providing academic consultation and tutoring related to thesis writing, in-depth learning, exam preparation, etc., for various majors.

8.Integrating the personal, school, institutional, and corporate educational services, project products, and channel resources of the Alumni Association to promote win-win cooperation and sustainable development for the members and their member units.

9.Collecting information on Ray students' university rankings, major directions, study situations, and graduation destinations to provide real and reliable data assessment and guidance for Ray Education Group's academic quality monitoring and international education reform.

10.Carrying out other activities that align with the organization's purpose and mission.


Today, as classmates part ways, we say, 'Take care!' Tomorrow, when alumni meet, we congratulate, 'Success!' Ray Alumni Association, safeguarding your dreams, paving the way for your success!