Ray Excellent Academy (REA)

Ray Excellent Academy (REA) is the international education resource platform of Ray Education Group. With the purpose of empower school development and students’ upbringing in an all-around way, REA is committed to improving international understanding and global competence of teenagers, and providing high-quality international education resource services for schools, institutions, parents and students. We have a senior professional team, systematic development and integration of rich and high-quality international education resources. REA provides one-stop international education services for students aged from 9 to 18, including international education planning, youth holistic education and extracurricular activities, international cultural exchange, overseas college guidance etc. REA serves as the supplement of school education, enriching the education resources so as to meet all kinds of needs. 


Four Centers of REA

1. College Counsellor Center (CCC)

The College Counselor Center (CCC) is accredited by three major international education and consulting associations in the United States, ISO9001 consulting service system certification and a number of national honors, with nearly a thousand overseas partner colleges and universities. The center integrates the essence of self-developed career planning and college guidance course. It helps students to make a better choice of university and career in the future.

Graduates from Ray have been accepted into renowned universities around the world such as the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Imperial College of London in the UK; Duke University, Columbia University, University of California, Berkeley and other top 50 universities in the US; Monash University and Sydney University in Australia; University of British Columbia, University of Toronto in Canada. Ray has strong alliances with overseas universities that facilitate our students to pursue further studies abroad.

2. Extra-curriculum Center (ECC)

The Extra-curriculum Center(ECC) integrates and develops quality curriculums in 6 categories including art, outdoor sports, STEM innovation, drama performance, speech and debate, career exploration for students in campus so as to empower school development. The ECC also offers a wide range of background enhancement programs such as scientific & academic research, discipline competition, summer school, internship, volunteers and outdoor camps etc. Through various, age-appropriate programs, the students not only develop new skills and interests, but also enhance competitiveness in a multi-dimensional way. The real "quality-oriented education" is not simply music, art, martial arts, dance, calligraphy, foreign languages and so on.It is to cultivate children's behavior, the establishment of value coordinates, children's character, children's understanding of the relationship between knowledge and occupation.The clear connotation of "quality-oriented education" is children's ability to set up projects and put them into practice.Is a child to the social stage of the most necessary quality.

3. Study Tour Service Center (STC)

With the development of globalization, the Study Tour Service Center (STC) provides high-quality international study tour programs in advantage of group resources in UK and domestic schools. Through first-hand cross-cultural experiences, the program increases students' awareness and understanding of other cultures, promotes critical thinking, and helps students develop an appreciation of other viewpoints.

4. Academic Product Center (APC)

Academic Product Center (APC) is a platform for academic exchanges between schools and teachers. It integrates excellent teacher resources in domestic and abroad to provide a variety of academic supplement for schools and students. Till now, the APC has developed some supplementary courses for school, such as Oxford & Cambridge Camp, G5 Super Elite Training Program, Art Portfolio Preparation Program and EPQ PLUS Summer Camp etc., which have greatly increased the number of top students. The interview rate of Oxford University reached 70% and the acceptance rate reached 40%. In addition, the APC offers extensive courses such as competition coaching program, STEM Portfolio Preparation Program and Standardized Examination Tutorial etc. Students will build up a strong academic foundation and obtain internationally recognized qualifications and the school ensures a smooth transition between different key stage levels of education through to graduation.


Business Cooperation | Partnership with Quality Education Suppliers

Ray Excellent Academy (REA) is the foundation platform of Adcote global campus. It takes advantage of global campus resources of Ray Education Group, connecting high-quality education resources and creating K12 international education resource ecosystem, so as to provide high-quality courses and services for K-12 students.

In the field of quality education, REA has been established in more than 10 cities in China and abroad, with 8 member schools and 4 union schools. There are also academic centers and quality-oriented camps in the United States, Canada, the Philippines and South Korea. Based on digital technology, REA integrates resources of domestic and overseas campuses with global high-quality education and diversified system, to provide effective solutions to the problems such as school selection, after-school care, program registration, security assurance in summer/winter camp, etc. REA is committed to become the largest quality education provider and industry standard advocate in China (the only organization in charge of member evaluation of "International Youth Quality-oriented Education Association" in mainland China)

For business collaboration, REA is willing to work in partnership with the world's leading professional education institutions and organizations in a win-win situation, to create more opportunities for children to be immersed in different cultures and understanding of the differences and similarities of the world with a global vision.

REA has a strict and standard supplier-management process for program collaboration, from supplier selection to quality evaluation. The comprehensive evaluation of suppliers includes supplier qualification assessment, curriculum development and project management ability, teaching evaluation, parents’ satisfaction, suppliers’ performance and professionalism. REA believes that part of REA’s success is built on our ability to create strong partnerships with exceptional institutions and organizations. Through these partnerships, we hope to achieve the goal of holistic education which prepares children to become pillars of society with leadership ability, confidence and integrity.

REA is currently looking for partnership with exceptional institutions and organizations in quality-oriented education


1. Programs to students in G1-G12

2. Categories of Curriculum:Outdoor Sports, Drama, Speech & Debating, Internship, Volunteer, Competition, Research Camp etc.

3. Please note that the institution or organization will become the member of "International Youth Quality Education Association" once successfully in partnership with REA.

How to Apply 

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