Development History

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Exploration and development period as a start-up business

We owned 6 immigration & abroad education centers, 2 university preparatory centers, and 2 international high school curriculum centers that were distributed around the country at the time. After a period of exploration, we eventually decided to navigate towards the direction of establishing an international course center and interna.


Leveraging capital expansion period

We had opened 5 international high school curriculum centers, and one primary and middle school hybrid course center, and we also introduced the strategic investment of the Electron-optical company which is an A-share listed company to elevate our management and expand our business.



Breakthrough period 

Exploring the “Geely Model” of Ray International Education: Controlling the British Adcote and Myddelton school and expanding the franchised brands in China which indicates that Ray officially excels at establishing international curriculum centers.



Strategy reintegrate developing period  

Ray entered the fast lane of development and fully started the establishment of K12-powered schools, and we have started the establishment of five schools so far. We launched “Ray Ideal Community of Education” with Ideal Education, and simultaneously formed a pattern of “One Body & Two Wing”. Embark on the establishment of the “Global Campus” based on Ray Excellent Academy while weaving the valuable network of Ray International Education.