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Our Talents

Our talents lie in our zeal to deliver high quality International Education that embodies strong Values, astute Devotion that nurtures and sustains an environment for acquiring universally acknowledged Excellence. Our empowerment enables us to present our Students with the finest training in Academics, Co curricular activities and Leadership development. We always strive to supersede the expectations of our Parents every time and all the time thereby carving a legacy of Trust, Reliability and Quality.


Our student training goes further to teaching, for we believe that in every student there lies this potential to become a prominent lawyer, an acclaimed physician, a renowned statesman or an erudite diplomat, and it is our responsibility to assist every student to realize this. And this we do believing that Socrates and Aristotle, Cicero and Seneca, Newton and Einstein weren’t born a prodigy but in each of them were engraved an ascetic degree of sincerity, dedication and austerity coupled with well equipped training delivered by dedicated vision focused Visionaries.


We also cite here as a matter of accomplishment that every student trained by us, achieves Moral, Intellectual and Leadership asserts and is capable of holding an intelligent conversation with vehemence and fluency that almost stuns the ears of the beholder.


Our virtues have been Nationally and International recognized. We hold active membership in NAFSA, NAGAP and ASCA. Moreover, we took the lead in getting the consulting services in Quality System Authentication, ISO9001 and the International service Quality Management System Certification. It is indeed noteworthy to mention that our Customer satisfaction reached more than 95% in the bygone years. Additionally, our group has always been a significant partner of the College Board, Edexcel, Center, University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, Princeton Review, SUNY and the Ministry of Education (Ontario), Canada.


On our continued pursuit to offer standardized quality, we are credited to be the designated strategic partner with the Pearson Group and the Canada Universal Investment Alliance. All these above mentioned recognitions and accolades would not have been possible but for our teachers.

Our teachers have a wealth of knowledge coupled with at least 8 years of International teaching experience. Most of our teachers are native speakers and do posses at least a Master’s degree in their respective teaching area. Hence our aim is not merely education but beyond, in short, we are here to help your Child to reach for the Stars.