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CAMPUS GOINGS-ON: Can student-run APP Cloud Print take on at SISU?
Since this March, all the four print stores in Shanghai International Studies University (SISU)'s Songjiang Campus including one in the students' residential area have launched promotion activities if students download an application named ‘Fenyin' on their smartphones. It is said to be
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Tech-based teaching interactive feedback system appears in SISU classroo
Each  student was handed out a small machine to sign in and answer questions  by press buttons on Zhao Meijuan’s English grammar class.With  a thickness of 8mm, the answer machine had a white and green appearance  and was smaller than a 4.7 inches phone, just looking like a  
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International Scholars Probe English and American Literature at SISU
Arecord  328 scholars and specialists attended the Fifth International  Conference on English and American literature, “The Presentations of  History and Culture in Literature,” held at Shanghai International  Studies University (SISU) from April 24 to 25.SISU  president Cao
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SISU volunteers are ready for China Pavilion in the Milan World Expo 201
Eight  students and one teacher from Shanghai International Studies University  (SISU) have volunteered to work at the China Pavilion at the Milan  World Expo 2015.These  volunteers, including five undergraduates and one postgraduate in the  Italian language major, two stude
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