The most important technological event of our time is the rise of the computer.  Computers already permeate many aspects of our lives, from transportation and telecommunications to entertainment.  Scarcely ignorant of these trends, many schools now have computers and networking capacity.To some extent, these technological accessories have been absorbed into the life of the school, though often they simply deliver the old lessons in a more convenient and efficient format.

Power School
Building Solutions for 21st Century ProblemsSince its introduction in 1997, PowerSchool has grown to become the most widely-used student information system available, off...
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Since more than 2012 U.S. universities participate in setting up network learning platform, MOOC (ma...
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Be Descriptive: Show, Don’t Tell Your Audience the DetailsJust like in writing, it’s important to ...
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Ray Air
Ray Air is a video teaching platform developed by Ray International Education. It will collect all t...
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